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Madonna's Former Beverly Hills Mansion Sold for $29.5 Million After being Owned by Founder Russ Weiner

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Madonna's Former Beverly Hills Mansion Sold for 29.5MillionAfterbeingOwnedbyFounder[RussWeiner]([RockstarEnergydrink]( Million After being Owned by Founder [Russ Weiner]( Billionaire [Rockstar Energy drink]( entrepreneur Russ Weiner recently unloaded his Beverly Hills property for 29.5 million. Madonna once owned the house, and it was initially advertised in March 2017 for $45 million.

The property has changed hands and is asking 49millionattimesand49 million at times and 31 million at others. In 2021, it was put up for sale for $35 million. The property is made up of three residences: the primary residence, guest houses, and a 60-foot long pool with a hot tub and tennis court.

The real estate firm, located in Los Angeles, was represented by Sotheby's, who were on the side of the buyer. The house listing said:

A beautiful mansion on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills is one of the most iconic buildings in Hollywood's history.

Credits YoutubeWeiner, 51, purchased the mansion in August 2015 for $19 million. He refurbished and expanded the primary residence, with the addition of a gourmet kitchen, a full bar, a 15-seat home theatre, seven fireplaces, custom cabinets, a library, exposed rafters, and a second kitchen.

Weiner established RockStar in 2001 as the son of conservative radio talk show icon Michael Savage. He spent several years working with Skyy vodka, attempting to convince them to establish a branded energy drink following the success of Red Bull. They declined, and he ventured out on his own with the assistance of a loan from his mother (in exchange for the CFO role and a 15 percent stake in the company).

To set his RockStar cans apart from rival energy drinks that normally came in an 8-ounce can, Weiner placed 16 ounces of drink into each can. He was the first brand of energy drink to offer this size. Weiner sold RockStar to PepsiCo for $3.85 million in 2020. Since 2009, Pepsi has distributed RockStar in North America.

Weiner has purchased and sold a number of properties in California and Florida during the previous few years. Among the most well-known examples is this Miami mansion that was previously owned by Scott Storch and Birdman (separately, not at the same time).

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